This is the yt attic.

This is a repository of yt analysis modules that have fallen by the wayside. Some have not been updated to stay current with yt development and some may not be working correctly. If you would like to revive anything in here and/or incorporate into your own software packages, please do! Also, consider listing your code on the yt Extensions page.

Checking out the yt Attic

The yt Attic repository can be found here. In order to work with attic packages, yt must be installed. To download and install the attic, do the following:

$ git clone
$ cd yt_attic
$ python develop

Importing Modules

Packages in the attic can be imported as yt.extensions.attic.<package_name>. For example,

from yt.extensions.attic.star_analysis.api import StarFormationRate

If you find something you like in here, give it a new home!

In the Attic

Below is the existing documentation for all modules in the attic.